Numerosi bambini, visti di spalle, corrono in piazza verso la facciata con loggiato dell'Istituto

With its famous loggia on Piazza SS. Annunziata, this monumental complex, home of the Institute, has been acknowledged as one of the earliest examples of Italian Renaissance architecture. The 'factory' designed by Brunelleschi was conceived with such far-sightedness that it fulfilled, also thanks to subsequent extensions, the various functions that are still housed there today. It is almost a miniature city, with internal and external passageways, façades, porticoes, courtyards, loggias and galleries. A city organically integrated into the urban context.

Architecturally listed by the Superintendency, it is carefully monitored to ensure its accurate preservation and maintenance.

The 0-6-year-old education services, the reception houses, the Innocenti Library, the Historical Archive, as well as the new UNICEF Office of Research, and premises used by the University of Florence are also housed in the monumental complex.

Last update: 01/20/2023 - 11:18