bimbo che osserva un quadro

The rich architectural, artistic and documentary heritage, protected and preserved over time, is open to the public. The museum tour allows visitors to see the monumental spaces, the Art Gallery and to look onto the Historical Archive.

The former drying area of the Hospital on the terrace with the loggia houses the Caffè del Verone, which offers a cafeteria and restaurant service.

The bibliographic and archival documentation can be accessed from the Innocenti A.C. Moro Library and the Archive consultation room.

Activities and Services

Caffè del Verone

Located in the historical loggia on the top floor of the Institute, this café is the refreshment point of the Museo degli Innocenti but is open to everybody.

Events and Conferences

The spaces of the Istituto degli Innocenti are available for events and conferences.  

Historical Archive

It preserves the memory of this old institution and those who lived there. The documentation is accessible from the reading room in the Innocenti A.C. Moro Library.  

La Bottega dei Ragazzi (The Children’s Workshop)

Creative and educational workshops at the Museo degli Innocenti for children, young people, schools and families.  

The Innocenti Library Alfredo Carlo Moro

Specialized in the rights of children and adolescents, it has about 30,000 Italian and foreign documents, paper and electronic texts.

The Innocenti Museum

The Museum tells the six-hundred-year history of the institute through its cultural, historical, artistic and documentary heritage

News and Events

L'ingresso della mostra

Escher at the Innocenti Museum: from 20 October to 26 March

The great exhibition on the brilliant Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher arrives at the Museo degli Innocenti in Florence from 20 October 2022 to…

La locandina di Memorie Sonore On Site

Memorie Sonore OnSite at the Innocenti Museum

A visit to the Innocenti Museum in high-tech augmented sound reality and with immersive audio content. Thanks to Memorie Sonore OnSite, the digital…

L'inaugurazione della mostra ''E l'altra metà serberò io''

And the Other Half I Shall Keep. From 4 November 2022 to 9 May 2023 at the Innocenti Museum

And the Other Half I Shall Keep. The Tokens of the Ospedale degli Innocenti, the exhibition on the tokens - the small objects left with the boys and…


Publications and Projects

copertina del volume Ordine et Governo

Order and Government.

La pubblicazione ripercorre gli scritti inediti di Vincenzo Borghini, filologo e storico attivo alla corte di Cosimo I de’ Medici nonché Priore agli…

copertina della pubblicazione La moneta spezzata. Una storia di Tino il Nocentino

The Broken Coin

A journey back in time in the history of the Innocenti dedicated to children, with texts by Sara Marconi and illustrations by Simone Frasca

copertina del volume Il Museo degli Innocenti

The Innocenti Museum

This volume illustrates the cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Museo degli Innocenti.

copertina del volume Il mercante, l'ospedale, i fanciulli

The Merchant, the Hospital, the Children.

Catalogue of the exhibition on the care system in Florence between the 14th and 15th centuries and on the establishment of the Spedale, held at the…

copertina del volume Gli Innocenti e Firenze nei secoli

The Innocenti and Florence Over the Centuries

This volume recounts the intense experiences and the strong links, over the centuries, between the Innocenti and the city.

copertina del volume disConnessi. Adolescenti e nuove tecnologie

disConnessi (disConnected)

Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Istituto degli Innocenti from 7 May to 17 July 2021

copertina del volume Bambini per sempre! Infanzia e illustrazione nell'arte del primo Novecento

Bambini per sempre! (Children forever!)

Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Istituto degli Innocenti from 9 July to 14 September 2020

copertina del volume Figli d'Italia

Figli d'Italia (Children of Italy)

Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Istituto degli Innocenti from 3 December 2011 to 18 March 2012