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We carry out research into and surveys on phenomena affecting children, adolescents and families. The purpose of this work is to expand knowledge about their living conditions and further investigate specific topics.

The analysis of their condition is underpinned by qualitative and quantitative aspects resulting from the systematic collection of data and statistical indicators.

Monitoring the status of implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and particular aspects of life affecting children and adolescents provides useful information to develop and evaluate policies. It also offers concrete support for their local planning.

Activities and Services

Statistical References

The Institute's systems for collecting, processing and analysing data, also integrated with other sources.

Technical Support

Technical and scientific consultancy services for the National Observatory for Childhood and Adolescence, the National Observatory of the Family and the Observatory for the Fight against Paedophilia.      

News and Events

Foto Forum nazionale Zerosei a Torino

The Poli Zerosei (0-6 Centres) National Forum shows the challenges of the future in Turin

The challenge for the future is to be able to ensure coherence and project integration within the Zerosei education and training system, thus giving…

L'apertura del seminario di presentazione ''La crisi nei percorsi adottivi in Italia''

Adoptions: Almost Always Success Stories.Adoption crises account for 3% of international adoptions.

The survey involved 24 of Italy's 29 Juvenile Courts, equally distributed among all areas of the country for a total of 725 files that were studied,…

L'intervento di Aldo Fortunati, direttore Area Infanzia e Adolescenza dell'Istituto al convegno "Educazione Zerosei. Diritti e qualità, e accessibilità del sistema integrato"

Educazione Zerosei (Education 0-6) The Institute's Report at the Centre of the COnference in Milan

Almost like two parallel lines. On one of them, there is the pre-school: generalised, free, widespread throughout the peninsula, with coverage rates…

Presidente Istituto degli Innocenti, Maria Grazia Giuffrida

World Children's Rights Day, Chairwoman Giuffrida's Interview with Avvenire

"The significance of this World Day? Very important and intense, since it celebrates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, approved by the UN…


Publications and Projects

i ragazzi dello Youth Advisory Board durante una riunione

Technical Assistance for the Establishment of the Youth Advisory Board

The Istituto degli Innocenti offers technical assistance to the Youth Advisory Board, a participation body for adolescents tasked with the…

copertina della pubblicazione Crescere verso l'autonomia

Care Leavers’ Experimentation

National experimentation of interventions in favour of those individuals who, on reaching the age of majority, live outside their families of origin…

Bambina per mano a due adulti, visti di spalle

Educating in Complexity

Accompanying and training pathway implemented since 2015 to support the City of Naples in revising its system of socio-educational interventions…

immagine di un padre che accompagna la figlia a scuola per evocare il tema dell'adozione e dell'affido

Foster Care and Adoption: A Collaboration with the Abruzzo Region

Awareness-raising, training and information programme on family fostering and adoption to reduce the institutionalisation of minors, raise local…

cover del report sul Diritto all'ascolto delle persone di minore età

Children’s right to be heard in court

Report on the results of the survey promoted by the Ombudsperson for Children and Adolescents to understand how listening is performed and what…

Cover della Collana Infanzia adolescenza e famiglia del Centro regionale

Childhood, Adolescence and Family

Publishing series of the Regional Documentation Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

Cover della Collana Infanzia adolescenza e famiglie. I Quaderni

Childhood, Adolescence and Family - the Booklets

Publishing series of the Regional Documentation Centre of the Region of Tuscany

Quaderni del Centro nazionale di documentazione per l'infanzia e l'adolescenza

National Centre Booklets

Publishing series of the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

copertina del volume Educazione Zerosei

Education 0-6

This is the first volume in the new series Infanzia e adolescenza agli Innocenti (Childhood and Adolescence at the Innocenti) presenting in-depth…