The Institute's systems for collecting, processing and analysing data, also integrated with other sources.

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The Istituto degli Innocenti has information systems to collect, process and analyse original data that are also integrated with data collected from other institutional information sources. Its systems provide insights into the multiplicity of issues affecting children, young people and families.


  • Statistical in-depth studies and preparation of thematic dossiers, reconnaissance of secondary sources and analyses also in a comparative regional, national, European and international perspective
  • Contacts with regions, central administrations, other bodies and stakeholders to source data and information
  • Review of research and studies on targets of interest
  • Annual updating of data and indicators on educational and social services
  • Drafting statistical analysis contributions and comments

Thematic areas

The Institute offers a systematic and in-depth framework of data and statistical indicators available in Italy to describe the well-being and quality of life of citizens who are growing up. The framework is also based on specific local breakdowns, mainly on the following topics:

  • Demographic aspects
  • Households
  • Formal, non-formal and informal education
  • Health and lifestyles
  • Vulnerability and fragility
  • Risk behaviour
  • Economic conditions and inequalities
  • Expenditure on families and minors


Contact person
Donata Bianchi
Responsabile di Servizio

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