The General Director is responsible for achieving the objectives set by the Board of Directors, implementing programmes and projects and meeting their goals. The General Director is also responsible for the financial, technical and administrative management of the Institute, including organisational and personnel management decisions. S/he is at the top of the entire organisational structure.

Sabrina Breschi

General Director

Born in Pistoia in 1969, Sabrina Breschi is the current General Director. She holds a degree in Literature and a degree in Educational Innovation and Lifelong Learning as well as a second level Master's Degree in Management and Consultancy for Educational Quality from the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Florence. An employee of the Istituto degli Innocenti since 2002, she has been in charge of research and training services, Director of the Institute’s Training Agency and Coordinator of the activities of the Tuscany’s Regional Documentation Centre for Childhood and Adolescence. She has coordinated numerous research and training projects on childhood and adolescence policies both at regional and national level on behalf of the Institute, and has also contributed to numerous scientific publications of the Institute itself. Since 2019 Sabrina Breschi has been in charge of the General Secretariat, the IT Systems and the Innocenti Museum.

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