On-site and remote legal and bibliographic reference services for institutional bodies and individuals.

Una donna seduta a un tavolo di fronte a un computer portatile, all'interno di una biblioteca con librerie colme di libri

The Istituto degli Innocenti is home to the National Centre for Documentation and Analysis on Childhood and Adolescence (Law no. 451/97) and the Regional Centre for Documentation on Childhood and Adolescence of the Region of Tuscany (Regional Law no. 31/2000): a privileged context of information, awareness and promotion of the fundamental rights of children, young people and families.

The collection of organised documentation feeds the circuit of research and knowledge to the benefit of the renewal of local, national and international cultures, practices and policies.

Through the management of institutional sites, on behalf of and in collaboration with the Department for Family Policies and the Region of Tuscany, the Institute offers legal and bibliographic reference services both to the relevant institutional bodies and individual citizens.

An advanced in-house and online reference service is also available offering:

- customised searches (bibliographies, filmographies, sitographies) on topics of interest, taken from the catalogue of the Innocenti A.C. Moro Library and from other documentary databases available to the institution;

- a desk for legal research and reconnaissance, guidance and assistance in the search for legal sources (international, European, national and regional) and consultation of materials held by the Institute.

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