Scaffali con libri

The Library's assets have developed since the 1990s. The collection, which focuses on the conditions of childhood and adolescence and their rights, includes monographs, grey literature, multimedia material, periodicals and brochures in the psychological, pedagogical, social, legal and statistical fields. Some of the most discussed topics include: family fostering, adoption, bullying, disability, children's rights, education, new technologies, policies for children and adolescents, socio-educational services, health, and violence.

This heritage, catalogued and searchable through the online catalogue, is divided into two general collections: the collection of the Istituto degli Innocenti (IDI Collection, mainly in Italian and national in nature) and the collection of the Unicef Office of Research (Unicef Collection, mainly in English and with an international scope).

The two collections include six special ‘sub-collections’ belonging to scholars and experts on the conditions of children and adolescents: the Gioiosa Bindi Brogi Collection, the Carlo Corsini Collection, the Valerio Ducci Collection, the Paula S. Fass Collection, the Alfredo Carlo Moro Collection, and the Angelo Saporiti Collection.

This heritage is completed by a rich historical section on the history of the Istituto degli Innocenti and its activities in favour of children.

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