The Board of Directors governs the Istituto degli Innocenti: It defines the objectives and the multi-year and annual programmes, and remains in office for 5 years. It consists of 5 members who may be reappointed: 3 members are appointed by the Regional Government of Tuscany, 1 by the Municipality of Florence and 1 by the Metropolitan City. The Board of Directors chooses its Chairperson from the 3 members appointed by the Regional Government.

The current Board of Directors took office on 24 January 2022.

Presidente Istituto degli Innocenti, Maria Grazia Giuffrida

Maria Grazia Giuffrida


Born in Gela (in the province of Caltanisetta), Maria Grazia Giuffrida holds a degree in Law and has been an agent for Allianz since 1994 as well as a financial promoter for Allianz Bank since 1997. She acts as the Secretary General of the Cnec (National Centre of Community Treasurers) and the Secretary of the Cnec for Tuscany. She is a member of the Coordination Committee for Holiday Homes and Religious-Social Tourism of Tuscany and the Secretary of the Usmi and Cism Coordination Committee for Tuscany as well as Deputy Chairwoman of Taudono, a voluntary association. She is married and has a daughter.

She was appointed for the second time to the Institute’s Board of Directors by the Regional Government of Tuscany with Regional Council Resolution No. 110 of 21 December 2021.

Loredana Blasi

Board Member

Born in Falconara Marittima (in the province of Ancona), Loredana Blasi graduated from the Liceo Scientifico (Scientific High School) of her home town and then enrolled in the Medical School at the University of Florence. She has been a commercial agent in the clothing sector since 1985. In 2008, she founded 'La Stanza Accanto', an association which offers care and support services to parents who have lost a child and carries out activities to support children around the world.

Loredana Blasi was appointed for a second time to the Institute’s Board of Directors by the Municipality of Florence with Mayoral Decree no. DEC/2022/00001 of 14 January 2022.

Mariangela Bucci Consigliere di amministrazione dell'Istituto degli Innocenti

Mariangela Bucci

Board Member

Born in Vieste (in the province of Foggia) on 20 May 1953, Mariangela Bucci is married and has two children of whom she is very proud. She works as a free-lance psychologist and psychotherapist, both for individuals and couples, and as a supervisor in Pisa and Santa Croce sull'Arno. She taught for about twenty years in secondary schools during the establishment of information and counselling centres and worked for decades in the field of training for associations and cooperatives and for her own training school in psychotherapy where she was a tutor and course director until the end of 2019.

Mariangela Bucci contributes to the online magazine Script. For 10 years she was a Councillor in her municipality of residence, dealing with cultural, educational and youth policies.

She was appointed to the Institute’s Board of Directors by the Metropolitan City of Florence with a Decree of the Metropolitan Mayor no. 19 of 23/12/2021.

Consigliere di amministrazione Istituto degli Innocenti Francesco Neri

Francesco Neri

Board Member

Born in Pistoia on 22 May 1966 but based in Florence, Francesco Neri holds a degree in History and Philosophy from the University of Florence and a PhD in Medieval History. He is currently a permanent researcher for a private study and research company focusing on new technologies and social studies. He coordinates, guides and manages educational and school activities. Francesco Neri has participated in numerous research projects, collaborating with public and private bodies in organising important national and international conferences, meetings and cultural events. Among other positions, he is currently Chairman of the Fondazione Conservatorio S. Maria degli Angeli in Florence and the St. Joseph Foundation UK in London. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Gabinetto G.P. Vieusseux and the Fondazione Marini San Pancrazio. Married to Lucilla, he has six children.

He was appointed for the second time to the Institute’s Board of Directors by the Regional Government of Tuscany with Regional Council Resolution no. 110 of 21 December 2021.

Consigliere di amministrazione Istituto degli Innocenti Giuseppe Sparnacci

Giuseppe Sparnacci

Board Member

Born in Chiusi (Siena), Giuseppe Sparnacci is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Since 1965 he has worked as a psychologist in public services for the Municipality, the University (Chair of Social Psychology) and the Health Authorities of Florence, mainly dealing with childhood, staff training and health education. He has been a member of the editorial board of the journal Età Evolutiva and is currently on the editorial board of Un Pediatra Per Amico (UPPA), a bimonthly magazine for parents. In addition to numerous articles published on developmental issues, Giuseppe Sparnacci is co-author of books on these topics published by Giunti and La Mandragora. He also holds a three-year degree in Medieval Archaeology. His book "Nannerl Mozart, la sorella", aimed at children and young people, has been recently published by Villaggio Ribelle (I Gufi series).

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