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We deal with the systematic selection, preservation and processing of bibliographical, legal, statistical, filmographic documents and information sources as well as projects on childhood and adolescence in printed, electronic and multimedia form. The material can be consulted through the Catalogue (Discovery) and specific databases.

The archival documentation is accessible through the online Inventory.

The documents can be consulted through the services offered by the Innocenti A.C. Moro Library, both in-house and remotely.

Activities and Services

Data Banks

Collecting and organising data, documents, laws and projects to monitor the condition of children, young people and families over time and supporting the planning of services and measures.

Historical Archive

It preserves the memory of this old institution and those who lived there. The documentation is accessible from the reading room in the Innocenti A.C. Moro Library.

Legal and Bibliographical Reference

On-site and remote legal and bibliographic reference services for institutional bodies and individuals.

Technical Support

Technical and scientific consultancy services for the National Observatory for Childhood and Adolescence, the National Observatory of the Family and the Observatory for the Fight against Paedophilia.

The Innocenti Library Alfredo Carlo Moro

Specialized in the rights of children and adolescents, it has about 30,000 Italian and foreign documents, paper and electronic texts.

Ser.I.O. Servizio per le Informazioni sulle Origini (Service on Information on Origin)

A service promoted by the Region of Tuscany and the Istituto degli Innocenti to support people who were abandoned in their search for information on their origins.

News and Events

Convegno linee guida su adottati

Right to Study of Adopted Pupils - the Commission for Intercountry Adoption (CAI) and the Ministry of Education and Merit update their Guidelines

From 2012 to 2021, 17,610 children were adopted in Italy, and the age of those adopted internationally has gradually increased over time: in 2020,…

immagine libro ringraziamenti alluvione

Flood in Florence: the Fate of the 200 Innocenti Children in Don Attilio Piccini's Diary

7 o'clock: It's raining heavily. I have celebrated Mass as usual. 8 o'clock: Our deputy farm manager in Figline tells me that a fearsome wave of…

Manuale programmazione e progettazione

Designing Services “For and With” the New Generations: Here’s the Innocenti Manual

The awareness-raising and training plan dedicated to the Manuale di programmazione e progettazione dei servizi per le nuove generazioni (Manual for…

Centri per la Famiglia

Family Centres: from National Planning to the Commitment of the Istituto degli Innocenti

Family Centres began to develop at the end of the 1980s as services close to families, with the aim of establishing a permanent point of reference…


Publications and Projects

Bambina per mano a due adulti, visti di spalle

Educating in Complexity

Accompanying and training pathway implemented since 2015 to support the City of Naples in revising its system of socio-educational interventions…

cover della pubblicazione UP minori

Up Minors

Presentation of the results of the ‘Up Minori’ project aimed at supporting the integration of young people accommodated in ‘apartments for…

cover del report sul corso di formazione sull'Autismo

Autism: Observing to Intercept Precursors

Report on the training course aimed at nursery school educators of the Lazio region to learn how to detect the first symptoms of autism

cover delle Nuove linee guida per gli enti autorizzati

New Guidelines for Bodies Authorised to Conduct Intercountry Adoption Procedures

The New Guidelines are an easy-to-read tool to guide the activities of accredited bodies during the most important stages of intercountry adoption…

Collana Studi e Ricerche della CAI

Series ‘Studi e Ricerche’

Publishing series produced by the Institute for the Commission for Intercountry Adoption- CAI

cover del documento di proposta La tutela degli orfani di crimini domestici

The Protection of Children Orphaned Because of Domestic Crime

Study and proposal document aimed at identifying the real needs and requirements of children orphaned because of domestic crime

cover del documento di studio sull'Inclusione e partecipazione delle nuove generazioni di origine immigrata

Inclusion and participation of new generations of immigrant origin.

Study and proposal document on Inclusion and participation of new generations of immigrant origin

cover del documento di studio e proposta sul Diritto al gioco e allo sport

The right to play and sport for children and young people with disabilities

A study document mapping the state of the art of the right to play and sport for children and young people with disabilities

cove della pubblicazione I diritti dei bambini spiegati ai bambini

Children's rights explained to children

A brochure aimed at primary and secondary school teachers to support them when talking to children about their rights

cove delle pubblicazioni sul progetto Care leavers

Publications on the Care Leavers Project

Publications and information material on the Care Leavers Project - Experimentation of interventions in favour of those individuals who, on reaching…

Manuale di programmazione e progettazione dei servizi cover

Planning and Design Manual

Structured around three main areas - planning, design and thematic foci - the Manual is aimed at accompanying a new form of planning ‘for and with’…

Cover della Collana editoriale L'educazione zerosei

Education 0-6

Publishing series of the Regional Documentation Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

Cover della Collana Infanzia adolescenza e famiglie. I Quaderni

Childhood, Adolescence and Family - the Booklets

Publishing series of the Regional Documentation Centre of the Region of Tuscany

Cover delle Relazioni sulla condizione dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza in Italia

Reports on the Conditions of Childhood and Adolescence in Italy

The Reports on the Condition of Childhood and Adolescence in Italy develop the issues at the core of the work of the National Observatory for…

cover dei Quaderni del centro L 285

Reports on the implementation of Law 285/1997

Annual Report to Parliament on the Implementation of Law 285/1997 on the promotion of rights and opportunities for children and adolescents

Cover dei Rapporti del Governo all'ONU

Government Reports to the UN

Report on the State of Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Italy

Quaderni del Centro nazionale di documentazione per l'infanzia e l'adolescenza

National Centre Booklets

Publishing series of the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

Pubblicazioni sul Progetto RSC

Publications on the RSC Project

Reports and information material on the RSC Project - National Project for the inclusion and integration of Roma, Sinti and Caminanti children.

Opuscoli divulgativi

National Centre Booklets

Short educational booklets edited by the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

Copertina della traduzione rivista della Convenzione Onu sui diritti dei bambini e delle bambine

Convention on the Rights of the Child and related optional protocols

A revised translation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Cover della rivista Cittadini in Crescita del Centro nazionale

Growing Citizens

Journal of the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence

cover del Thesaurus Infanzia e Adolescenza

Th.IA Childhood and Adolescence Thesaurus

The Th.I.A. is today a useful cataloguing tool for anyone dealing with childhood and adolescence. It facilitates the exchange of information between…

cover dello Schema di classificazione Infanzia Adolescenza

Childhood and Adolescence Classification

The Classification is a sort of classified catalogue, primarily designed for physical placement of documents on shelves

Cover della rivista Rassegna bibliografica infanzia e adolescenza

Bibliographic Review on Childhood and Adolescence issues

Quarterly journal with bibliographical information on childhood and adolescence issues

Cover dei Percorsi tematici - supplementi alla Rassegna bibliografica infanzia e adolescenza

Thematic Paths - Supplements to the Bibliographic Review

Quarterly Supplement to the Rassegna bibliografica infanzia e adolescenza

copertina del volume Ordine et Governo

Order and Government.

La pubblicazione ripercorre gli scritti inediti di Vincenzo Borghini, filologo e storico attivo alla corte di Cosimo I de’ Medici nonché Priore agli…

Cover Lo sguardo dei bambini sul futuro

Children’s Look to the Future. The Innocenti Today

This publication summarises the rich and varied range of activities currently taking place at the Innocenti.

copertina della pubblicazione La moneta spezzata. Una storia di Tino il Nocentino

The Broken Coin

A journey back in time in the history of the Innocenti dedicated to children, with texts by Sara Marconi and illustrations by Simone Frasca

copertina del volume Il mercante, l'ospedale, i fanciulli

The Merchant, the Hospital, the Children.

Catalogue of the exhibition on the care system in Florence between the 14th and 15th centuries and on the establishment of the Spedale, held at the…

copertina del volume Gli Innocenti e Firenze nei secoli

The Innocenti and Florence Over the Centuries

This volume recounts the intense experiences and the strong links, over the centuries, between the Innocenti and the city.

copertina del volume Figli d'Italia

Figli d'Italia (Children of Italy)

Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Istituto degli Innocenti from 3 December 2011 to 18 March 2012