Specialized in the rights of children and adolescents, it has about 30,000 Italian and foreign documents, paper and electronic texts.

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Specialised in children's and adolescents' rights, it holds about 30,000 Italian and international paper and electronic documents.

The Innocenti Library, specialised in the rights of children and adolescents, was established in 2001 as a cooperation project between the Istituto degli Innocenti and UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, in agreement with the Region of Tuscany and the Italian Government. In 2009 it was named after Alfredo Carlo Moro, a juvenile judge, founder and first President of the National Centre for Documentation and Analysis on Childhood and Adolescence.

The Library of the Istituto degli Innocenti has its own constantly updated website.


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The Library holds around 30,000 Italian and international paper and electronic documents: monographs, grey literature, periodicals, articles and audio-visuals. The special collections of Alfredo Carlo Moro, Angelo Saporiti, Valerio Ducci and Carlo Corsini, all experts on childhood and adolescence in various subject areas, are also part of this heritage.

The Library Catalogue has 5 sections:

UNICEF Catalogue

Bibliographic Catalogue

Film Catalogue

Legal Catalogue

Statistical Catalogue (closed in 2010).


The catalogue can be accessed online through the Discovery section. The Discovery section also provides access to the international WorldCat cumulative catalogue. Together with 20,000 other national and international libraries, the Library is a member of WorldCat.


Interno della Biblioteca con libreria a parete ricolma di libri e tre utenti in consultazione attorno a un tavolo
  • In-house: consultation of documents, databases, electronic periodicals, film-watching, web browsing, photocopying texts and local and inter-library loan of documents.
  • Online: access to electronic periodicals with library-issued credentials, bibliographic searches, document delivery.


Opening Hours

  • Monday-Thursday 9.30-17.30
  • Friday 9.30-13.00


In compliance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 139 of 8 October 2021, access to the Library requires a Covid-19 Green Certification (Green Pass) and a valid identity document. Only individuals who are excluded or exempt from vaccination, holding the appropriate medical certification issued in accordance with the criteria defined in a Ministry of Health circular, do not have to comply with this rule.

Reservations are still required to use the reading rooms.

Useful links

Promotion of Child and Adolescent Rights

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The Library organises book presentations, activities with schools and training for professionals on using the catalogue and other research tools. The Library's newsletter reports monthly on new acquisitions, events, and thematic focuses.

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