Giuseppe Sparnacci

La pubblicazione ripercorre gli scritti inediti di Vincenzo Borghini, filologo e storico attivo alla corte di Cosimo I de’ Medici nonché Priore agli Innocenti dal 1552, raccolti in una delle "filze degli affari" dell’Archivio dell’Istituto degli Innocenti

copertina del volume Ordine et Governo

Ordine et Governo’, edited by Giuseppe Sparnacci, a member of the Board of Directors of the Istituto degli Innocenti, comes after a long period of analysis of a number of documents left by the philologist and historian Vincenzo Borghini, also Prior of the Innocenti, and kept in the Institute’s Historical Archive.


This study propels the reader into the complex organisation of the large family of the Spedale degli Innocenti in the year 1556 when it was expanded on the basis of an architectural design by Brunelleschi to meet the needs of the ever-increasing number of girls and boys accommodated in this foundling hospital.



Thanks to the transcription and analysis of the documents and descriptions left by Borghini and information contained in other files kept in the Historical Archive, Giuseppe Sparnacci succeeds in giving a detailed and always interesting picture of the organisation of the Spedale in the twenty years from 1556 to 1577. He also manages to bring to light important historical and architectural information on the places used by the great Innocenti family.

Note di edizione

This publication describes the unpublished writings of Vincenzo Borghini, philologist and historian at the court of Cosimo I de' Medici as well as Prior at the Innocenti from 1552. The writings were kept in a in a ‘filza degli affari’ (folder of documents) kept at the Archive of the Istituto degli Innocenti

ISBN 975-886374-087-05


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