Pathway developed with the technical and scientific assistance of the Istituto degli Innocenti to support the Zerosei integrated system of the Municipality of Sassari.

bambini che giocano per evocare il tema del sistema integrato zerosei

The Istituto degli Innocenti and the Municipality of Sassari have signed a cooperation agreement to implement activities to support the development of the integrated education and training system from birth to six years of age in the Sardinian municipality.

The activities identified in the agreement include:

1. Actions to support the functions of the Area Pedagogical Coordination Unit (Cpt);

2. Organising training courses

The first group of activities envisages: a) the Institute’s involvement in drafting the text for a specific memorandum of understanding for the establishment and functioning of the Area Pedagogical Coordination Unit, a crucial governance tool to develop and qualify the integrated system of 0-6 educational services; b) the coordination of the meetings of the Cpt group; c) the production of a report describing and analysing the context of the Municipality of Sassari; and d) the coordination of the work on drafting the Charter of the Zerosei educational services of the Municipality of Sassari, an important information tool for families.

The second group of activities includes: a) the organisation of a training course dedicated to the people involved in Zerosei, i.e., those who play a management and coordination role within the organisation they belong to (State, Municipality or Third Sector); and b) the organisation of two training seminars addressed to the Zerosei educational and teaching staff of the Municipality of Sassari.


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