Structured around three main areas - planning, design and thematic foci - the Manual is aimed at accompanying a new form of planning ‘for and with’ the new generations, starting from the rights and opportunities rooted in the values of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child all the way to promoting the best practices in the field of social work.

The methodology and topics discussed in the Manual will be disseminated through a specific awareness-raising and training plan organised on several levels and pathways. A dedicated website will soon be launched where users will be able to download the complete manual free of charge, read other in-depth content and access scheduled training courses (face to face or remotely through webinars and the FAD platform).

Manuale di programmazione e progettazione dei servizi cover

Manuale di programmazione e progettazione dei servizi per le nuove generazioni

Note di edizione

Edited by Donata Bianchi and Stefano Ricci

Illustration by Simone Frasca

ISBN 9788863740851

Last update: 01/20/2023 - 17:50