The Th.I.A. is today a useful cataloguing tool for anyone dealing with childhood and adolescence. It facilitates the exchange of information between libraries, documentation centres and experts in the field.

cover del Thesaurus Infanzia e Adolescenza

Th.IA Thesaurus Infanzia e Adolescenza

This volume contains the results of a decade of work that led to the creation of the first cataloguing tool expressly dedicated to childhood and adolescence.

Compiled to perform research functions by subject in the databases of the National Centre, the Thesaurus meets the need for a specific terminological vocabulary on topics concerning children and adolescents.

It has an interdisciplinary approach and is divided in seven thematic areas: Culture, Education, Childhood and Adolescence, Institutions, Psychological Processes, Health, Society. It has an alphabetical and a hierarchical part.

Note di edizione

Scientific Coordination - Antonella Schena

Production - Rita Massacesi

with the collaboration of Anna Maria Maccelli

ISBN 9788863740004, 8863740003

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