La locandina di Memorie Sonore On Site

La locandina di Memorie Sonore On Site

A visit to the Innocenti Museum in high-tech augmented sound reality and with immersive audio content. Thanks to Memorie Sonore OnSite, the digital project promoted by the Musei di Tutti museum network that also involves the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, the Primo Conti Museum and the Archaeological Area of Fiesole, this type of visit will be available from Friday 20 January. It will enable visitors to immerse themselves in the art and history of the four exhibition venues through narrations, original musical compositions and soundscapes.

The Free Kit

As they enter, visitors will be able to ask for a free kit consisting of a dedicated audio device and special conduction headphones that do not close off the ear canal. The headphones will therefore allow them to listen naturally to the surrounding sounds along with those coming from the headphones. Visitors will experience an augmented acoustic reality adventure thanks to the multidimensional expansion of sound by participating directly in a shift between the real environment that is being explored and the one that is being narrated. Their steps will match the sounds and their attention will be directed to specific features of the place suggested by the stories and sounds heard through the headphones.

Consultation of the information is simple thanks to the intuitive interface (with dual access in Italian and English), an essential menu at the listening points and the icons on the tour routes that show the codes related to the points of interest, which can be easily identified with a map that helps visitors find their way around each museum.

Memorie Sonore On Line and … On Site

Memorie Sonore OnSite is the second step of the digital project of the Musei di Tutti network launched in 2021 with Memorie Sonore On Line, the virtual tours on the websites of participating exhibition venues and on the Network's website itself. As the sound paths are also available online, visitors can listen to them away from the museums, thus creating a universe of audio communication that will accompany them in their visits.

The Partnership with the Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted People

In order to promote a culture of accessibility, with a view to creating an increasingly inclusive artistic and cultural enjoyment and raising awareness of the world of sensory disabilities, the museums of the Network are also organising, in collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted People, a programme of free guided tours on the Memorie Sonore project. The tours are aimed at a broad public and will start on a special occasion: National Braille Day on 21 February. Particularly engaging and evocative visits will enable participants to explore the different soundscapes related to the museums involved, thus creating a relationship with the works of art and the museum environments beyond the visual channel, in order to discover materials, sounds and physical perceptions that are usually overlooked.

This is the programme of visits: Tuesday 21 February, Palazzo Vecchio Museum (4.30 pm), Saturday 4 March, Museo degli Innocenti (4.30 pm), Saturday 1 April, Museo Primo Conti (11 am) and Saturday 6 May, Fiesole Archaeological Area (4.30 pm)

Visits are free of charge and booking is required:

The Musei di Tutti Thematic Museum Network

The thematic museum network Musei di Tutti was launched in 2020 when important museums in Florence and Fiesole decided to join forces. At its basis, there is the conviction that cultural heritage acquires full significance only if it is accessible and has everybody’s active participation. This is the very approach that since 2008 the Museums of Fiesole, the Florentine Civic Museums (with particular reference to the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, the Novecento Museum and the Stefano Bardini Museum), the Innocenti Museum and the Primo Conti Museum have adopted to collaborate in projects and activities aimed at including and involving new audiences with the support of the Region of Tuscany. The aim is to popularise and promote the cultural heritage in all its aspects, making it accessible to the widest and most diverse public possible.

The Memorie Sonor OnSite is a project carried out by the Musei di Tutti network with the support of the Region of Tuscany. The project is being run by Mezzo Forte, a company specialised in sound augmented reality. In 2022, the company was named Best Start-up for the digital enhancement of Italy's historical and cultural heritage by the Digital Library of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

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