laboratorio la bottega dei ragazzi

Explore sensory paths by discovering works of art. Make objects by shaping rubber, wool, wood, paper, and clay. Experience how three colours are enough to reproduce all the others. Discover the stories of the many children who have lived inside the unique building of the Istituto degli Innocenti. These are some of the activities on offer at the summer camp run by the Bottega dei Ragazzi (Children’s Workshop) at the Museo degli Innocenti.

Every year since 2006, the Bottega has been offering a rich calendar of educational guided tours, family activities, educational workshops for primary and secondary schools, and educational activities for teachers. In addition, there are the events at the summer centre which this year is scheduled for the end of June.

The summer centre, “A week full of Art”

From 19 to 23 June, the Museo degli Innocenti offers “Summer at the Museum: a Week Full of Art! During the first half of each morning, children will discover different materials, one for each day they spend together. Paper, rubber, wool, wood and clay will be their partners in adventure and will help children discover their qualities and potential during sensory and creative workshops. In the second half of the morning, the protagonist will be the Museo degli Innocenti: young participants will discover its history, archives, architecture, picture gallery and the temporary exhibition. Children between 6 and 10 years of age are the target group for this event.

The week starts on 19 June with the creative event “La carta: da un semplice ritaglio a una giungla di idee” (Paper: from a simple cut-out to a jungle of ideas) which will be followed in the afternoon by a workshop in the museum starring “Tino the Nocentino”. On 20 June, children can participate in “Il legno: arte contemporanea da incorniciare” (Wood: contemporary art to be framed), a workshop during which they can think up and colour different patterns to create a wooden work with their own hands. A workshop dedicated to colours will follow. The star of the day on 21 June will be “La gomma: creazione di una carta regalo personalizzata con i timbri fatti a mano!” (The eraser: creating a personalised gift card with handmade stamps!). Children will be able to try their hand at creating a real stamp factory to design and carve with which they can then decorate a rough wrapping paper to take home to wrap their precious presents. The workshop “A occhi chiusi nel museo” (With closed eyes around the Museum) will follow. Saturday, 22 June will be dedicated to “La lana: iniziali decorative per la propria camera” (Wool: decorative initials for your room), an activity during which, starting with recycled cardboard, children will design their own initials to decorate with wool and coloured ribbons. In the afternoon there will be another opportunity to go “with closed eyes around the Museum”. “L’argilla: manipolazione della terra e piccoli manufatti” (Clay: manipulation of earth and small artefacts) is the event that will close the summer camp on 23 June. Children will be able to work on large projects and create various shapes to be dried, coloured and taken home. A workshop in the museum dedicated to Steve McCurry's photography exhibition will follow this event.

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