Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Istituto degli Innocenti from 9 July to 14 September 2020

cover of  Bambini per sempre! Infanzia e illustrazione nell'arte del primo Novecento (Childhood and Illustration in Early 20th Century Art)

Bambini per sempre! (Children Forever!) Catalogue of the exhibition


The exhibition shown in the book brings together works of various kinds by famous Italian artists from the last century and today that evoke children's languages and worlds.

There is Il Giornalino di Gian Burrasca (Gian Burrasca's Comic Book), which made memorable the pages and images of Il Giornalino della Domenica (the Sunday Comic Book) by Vamba, aka Luigi Bertelli.

A publishing experience that made history, also and above all for the modern figurative inventions created by illustrators such as Biasi, Brunelleschi, Rubino, Scarpelli and Terzi. It showcases the works of great artists from the early 20th century - Balla, Balduini, Cambellotti, Carlini, Carrà, Conti, Levasti, Rosai, Soffici, Viani - as well as the rarer ones by Alberto Magri. Overwhelmed by the force of futurism, they all found a safe harbour of fascination and inspiration in the world of childhood. And like a tale that spans the years, there is Sandra Tomboloni's contemporary art that, after a century, presents that unconventional way of reading reality again.

The volume is available at the Innocenti Library and can be consulted in its online catalogue.


Note di edizione

Edited by Nadia Marchioni e Arabella S. Natalini

ISBN 978-88-8341-776-4

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